A word from Raymond 2022-07-31

by Raymond Lasley on July 31, 2022

I can remember VBS when I was young. If I remember correctly, it was always during the morning and it was good. My mother drove only in emergencies. Since my dad was working, mom drove my sister, brother and me to VBS. When I look back, this was a big deal for her. Not only did she not like to drive, but we lived way down a dirt road in the country. My mom saw the worth of my attending VBS.

As you read this I hope the teachers, helpers, skit people, snack providers, registration people, craft providers, set designer and set makers and other volunteers have begun to recover from the workload. Yes, there were that many different people plus many more that I do not have a category to put them in that worked to make the VBS a success. On the days leading up to VBS at certain points there were so many people volunteering to help decorate and prepare classrooms and hallways we were almost in each other’s way. That was great.

I was impressed with Grace, Mary Lou, Emily and Tiffany ’s rendition of the moon, Jupiter, rocketships and earth. I am a person with no creative
talent. But, even with no talent, Grace let me help paint on the earth. I say that to encourage you, even if you think you have no talent, plan on being a volunteer next year. I was impressed with all the decorations and all the effort that was made in order to tell precious children how powerful our God is.

Since I am writing this on Tuesday morning, I do not know the numbers for the nights. I do know that I saw parents I did not know dropping off their kids at VBS. I know I saw many excited kids in the auditorium and in the hallways of VBS. Getting our members involved in preparing for VBS, providing an opportunity for some of our members to display their talents, getting visitors to trust us with their children, teaching young minds how great God isyes VBS is still worth it. Great job 7M.


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