KICK seeks to show the love of God to each precious child by helping them grow as Christ grew, in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man.

K.I.C.K. - Kids In Christ Kingdom (Children's Worship)

Kindergarten - 6th grade program for Kids

KICK began as a dream. That dream was to impact the lives of children in kindergarten through sixth grade in a positive and exiting way through age-appropriate worship and meaningful Bible classes.

Today that dream is still alive and constantly changing. By concentrating on one simple Bible truth each week in worship, learning centers, and Bible class, the child can truly make that concept a part of his or her life.

In the worship hour, we sing their songs, have a sermon on their level, and use skits, experiments, and object lessons to make God’s word come alive.

Learning centers provide opportunities for the children to further explore God’s word by offering multi-sensory activities to engage all learning styles.

Our Wednesday night Bible classes re-teach the Bible point of the week and make it relational. 


Nursery -  Room 201

1-2 Years - Room 207

3-4 Years - Room 211

K-1st Grade - Room 112

2nd-3rd -Room 108

4th-6th Grade - Room 100


All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check. In addition, all teacher helpers must attend training

Our Staff