A word from Raymond 2021-05-30

by Raymond Lasley on May 30, 2021

Nancy and I drove to see our son in California last week. From somewhere in Oklahoma all the way to California, there were signs advertising “Historic Route 66.” The iconic highway was replaced by Interstate 40.

The way it is advertised, one would think Route 66 is great. In actuality, it was a narrow two lane, rough highway with no safety features of today. Part of it was paved in the 1920’s. It did have some rather creative structures on the side of the road. The Tee Pee Motel is just one of the attractions.
The highway was decommissioned in 1985. Many of the stretches of the highway that remain have not been repaired since 1985. From Interstate 40, it looks as if the “creative structures” have not been repaired or even painted since 1985.

Why do people want to get off Interstate 40 to go over and drive on a highway built in the 1920’s? Interstate 40 has at least 4 lanes. The lanes are wide. There are wide shoulders, guard rails, sloped ditches, and no sharp curves. Why drive the old that leads to nowhere when the new is available?
The same is true in our spiritual lives. Jesus offers a new life free of the guilt of past sins. He offers peace. He offers hope. Why settle for living in guilt, at war with God, at war with yourself and other people, and having no hope of this physical life getting better? Jesus offers real life.


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