A Word from Raymond... 2021-05-16

by Raymond Lasley on May 16, 2021

I was driving down a relatively straight road the other day. There is a white line clearly marking the edge of the highway. There is a double yellow line down the center to clearly mark the lanes. There are even orange barrels on both sides of the road marking the shoulders of the road.

As I drove in the dawn light, I noticed the blue lights of a police car up ahead. There was a rollback pulling a car out of the ditch. The car had made a 90 degree turn off a straight road, run over a warning sign and ran into the ditch.

After I drove another five or six miles, I noticed that a car had gone into a slide, made a sharp right turn, ran into an orange barrel and stopped on the shoulder just a few inches from the ditch. This was on a very straight section of the road. There were no side roads or driveways near either wreck. There were no other vehicles involved in the wrecks.

Why do drivers run off very clearly marked highways? Can the drivers not see the lines, the barrels, the warning signs?

Jesus tells us the way that leads to eternal life is straight and narrow.This path is also clearly marked. Because of Gods love for us, Jesus tells and shows us the absolutely best way to live and have peace on this physical earth. God gives us plenty of warning signs of the dangers that await if we abandon the way.

Why do we as humans not follow the clearly marked path God has provided for us?


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