A Word from Raymond... 2021-04-11

by Raymond Lasley on April 11, 2021

There are five new colts in a field near our house. Little horses fascinate me. When they are born, they are so wobbly on their long, spindly legs. After about thirty minutes, they begin to run. They seem so excited and run and run. They seem so fast it is as if they could outrun their mother. I like to watch them run.

As the colts begin to grow and put on weight, it seems they lose some of their speed. You usually see them near their mothers side. After a week, they seem to run less, but they stay very near their mother.

I see some similarities with us and our Christians lives. When we first realize that Jesus died for us and we have our sins washed away, we are excited. We want to tell someone what a great Savior we have found.

Several years ago, I was called on to assist a friend of mine baptize a man. While the man was waiting for some family members to come to be present at his baptism, he called one of his friends. He began to tell his friend what he had found.

This man had long been a skeptic of Jesus. He had spoken many discouraging words to his friend against Jesus. Now he was excited. He apologized to his friend and wanted his friend to know Jesus.

Have we attended so many worship services that worship sometimes seems boring to us? Are we still excited about the opportunity to partake of the body and blood of Jesus during communion as we think about Jesussacrifice for us? Does it still excite you to tell someone about the peace you have found in Jesus?

May we never outgrow our gratitude and excitement for the blessings Jesus have given us. May we remember where and what we were without Jesus. As we add to our knowledge of Gods designs for our lives, may we never lose the excitement of knowing God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, loves us as individuals. May we always be excited to tell our friends what Jesus has done for us.


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