Teodoro Alpizar Vargas

Grecia, Costa Rica:  

Teo Alpizar Vargas and his wife, Eugenia Jimenez have been our missionaries in the Grecia Church in Costa Rica for over 30 years.  Grecia has a population of 80,000+ people with the Church being located on the south side of the city.

The Grecia Church is the first church building that 7th and Mueller built in Costa Rica. It has an auditorium that seats about 120 people with classrooms for children and a youth center for teens along with an office for Teo. The Church host many fellowship events using the youth center and kitchen it provides.

The Church also has a van they use for people without transportation. They make two trips going and coming, picking up the members for each service.

Grecia have both elders and deacons serving the congregation. Teo also serves on the camp board of Camp Jennie Sue in Sarchi.

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