The Siriat Bible School located in Sotik, Kenya was established in 1998 and has been supported by the 7th and Muller Church of Christ from its beginning. Our ties go back to Gailyn and Becky VanRheenen  who we sent as missionaries to Kenya back in 1973. Becky (Lenderman) VanRheenen grew up in the 7th and Mueller congregation. From the churches planted by this mission effort, the school was started to train preachers to preach in the churches in Kenya and surrounding countries.

David Touni served as it first principal and has traveled back and forth from Kenya to the United States to help raise money for the school. He received his masters from Abilene University. David served as the principal for 13 years and is still on the board of the school.

The school trains men to become preachers of the word, but also trains them in vocational skills. This will allow them to be able to work, earn a living, and preach in the churches in Kenya and other countries. The school has seminars and workshops for both men, women, elders, and church leaders in the area to build up the Churches of Christ in Kenya. They now send missionaries to surrounding countries.

 We continue to work with the board of the Siriat Bible School. They have just finished a new dormitory that was named after one of our members Alvin Taylor because of all the help that he had given to the school. Robert Cheruiyot is now serving as the principal of the bible school. We have helped them to get a new water pump at the school and internet access also. It is an effort that has been blessed and showed great growth. There are now over 200 Churches of Christ among the Kipsigis people in Kenya. We will continue to make visits and build our relationship with the Siriat Bible School in Sotik, Kenya.

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