Eddie Cordoba

Naranjo, Costa Rica:  

Edilberto (Eddie) Córdoba and Karina Duran have been our missionaries in the Narnajo Church of Christ in Costa Rica for the past 20 years.

Eddie was born on the island of Bocas del Toro in Panama and raised in a Christian family. He was baptized when he was 15 years old and then attended the Bible School of the Americas earning his degree in 1999. In February 2000, he moved to Naranjo in Costa Rica to work as a full-time preacher.  In 2001, Eddie married Karina Durán and have since had two children: their son Caleb (14) and daughter Darah (11).

Eddie organizes door-to-door evangelism, bible studies for the children in the community, evangelistic campaigns, as well as many other activities.

Naranjo is a community dedicated to the cultivation of coffee and as such has many migrant farmers during coffee picking season which return home at the end. The established population around Narnajo is 45 thousand and increases for the months of the coffee harvest.

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